Innovation Strategy and Management

Innovation Strategy and Management services are designed to create a long-range development roadmap for a given technology that segments major innovations into manageable projects.

These individual projects then independently deliver value — and, when linked together, transform the entire technology. Each individual stage feeds into the aggregate innovation funnel.

This strategy for innovation initially analyses current systems for all positive characteristics, integrating them into future development. The roadmap is then developed, utilizing key strategic factors as it:

Integrates current/future customer/consumer needs and desires
Understands and reflects changing regulatory and environmental requirements
Operates within financial assets and constraints, and
Anticipates, monitors and responds to competitive activities.

Identifying and focusing on manageable development steps which move towards significant innovation works well in today’s business climate where innovation funding often is defined on a year-to-year basis.

For examples of Jim’s ability to break down large challenges into executable projects through Innovation Strategy and Management, you can read about two Patent applications Jim developed.

U.S. Patent #8,479,784 eliminates beverage filling line changeover time as part of a larger cost reduction strategy; the second re-examines long-standing core marketing/production challenges and issues, and designs an innovative strategy to solve for rapidly changing consumer consumption behaviors.

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