Supply Chain Transformation

Fact — Supply chains for the vast majority of today’s consumer products typically use 25 year-old processes which are not well suited for current SKU proliferation and shortened production runs.

At Issue — Reducing product line extensions often means reducing overall sales growth.

“So, my focus on this issue,” Jim explains, “is to transform the supply chain, making it efficient at very short runs with the goal toward creating a system able to ‘produce on order.’

“My published U.S Patent # 8,479,784 and other patent applications detail how I worked with Coca-Cola’s emerging needs to make such changes that reach forward into the next decade. I apply the same advanced, forward thinking to help additional clients transform their unique supply chains.”

So, whether yours is the “parent company” needing supply chain transformation — or yours is a “linked” company within a supply chain wishing to provide value added and strategically advantageous services to your corporate customer, Jim can help you analyze challenges, understand problems, design the roadmap to achieve your goals, and monitor and adjust for continued success.

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